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Ceník je dostupný i v češtině is read by around 5 000 people per month (source: Visits according to Independent Analytics), whom you can reach with your product offer. The ideal is, of course, to promote things related to crypto.

PR article

I will publish the text you provide without any editorial intervention. The article will be marked as paid advertising. It will remain on the site „forever“. Example.

Price: 5000 CZK + VAT (about 220 USD + VAT)


On most pages it is possible to place a banner with dimensions 300×300 px or 300×600 px. I prefer long-term cooperation (minimum time of banner placement is 1 month).


  • 300×300 px 4 000 CZK/month (about 175 USD) + VAT
  • 300×600 px 5 000 CZK/month (about 220 USD) + VAT

Payment is possible by classic transfer or in BTC (on-chain or Lightning Network).

Banner 300×600 placement

Product reviews

If you have an interesting product that you can provide for review, please write to me. If I am interested in the product, we will definitely make arrangements.

Order advertising

Write me what form of cooperation you are interested in.

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